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Unidos Tennis & Padel Clothing Brand Fabrics

In this series, we will give you more insight into how our collections are created. We’ll start with the fabrics we use for Unidos.

Cooperation with Liebaert Textiles

From the moment we were happy with our idea for Unidos, one thing was clear: we wanted to offer premium quality at an affordable price. But really premium. That’s why we chose Liebaert Textiles. Liebaert is a Belgian family company founded in 1887 with a top position in the European fashion industry. Read more about our cooperation over here.

High-end NanoStitch fabrics

Our shirts and shorts are made of NanoStitch fabrics, consisting of polyamide and elastane. This provides tremendous stretch and a very soft feel. These are high-end fabrics that you only find in other premium brands such as RectoVerso & RV Elite, Liebaert’s in-house brands. 

Premium padel and tennis clothing at an affordable price

Our NanoStitch fabrics aren’t used in any other padel or tennis clothing brand, which makes us really unique. Above that, we’re the brand that offers by far the best prices for apparel made with these premium fabrics.

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