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Eyes on the team, focus on the quality.

Sustainable Belgian Quality

We’ve been looking for sustainable high-quality fabrics for many years. The great result? Our cooperation with Liebaert Textiles, a Belgian company founded in 1887. Liebaert Textiles has earned a high-ranking spot at the very top of the European fashion industry and they are the only remaining elastic fabric supplier in the Benelux.

Liebaert has all the significant ISO and OEKO-TEX certificates, which shows the efforts they make for a better environment.

  • Liebaert has its own water purification installation to purify the water used during our processes. The purified water meets the highest environmental requirements. Every year they purify around 133.000 cubic meters of water which is the equivalent of 1.1 million baths.

  • Their production site is fitted with solar panels which are used to supply the production processes with electricity.

  • By purifying the mixture of air and oil that is created during the production process, they decrease their carbon dioxide emission to 0%.

Thanks to our close cooperation, we can offer you premium and sustainable NanoStich fabrics that aren’t used in any other men’s tennis or padel clothing brand worldwide. Our fabrics are made on Belgian soil. A great match between two Belgian companies, isn’t it?

Made in a respectful environment

We cooperate closely with a Belgian textile manufacturing company that has its own production unit in Tunisia. By working together with this trusthworthy partner, we are sure that all our clothes are made in a great working environment

We know that the passionate and hardworking people who make our clothes get the respect and the salary that they deserve. This is absolutely crucial for us as they are the craftsmen and women behind Unidos.

Unidos Padel

Padel Clothing Brand